MB Foods are Proud to introduce Al-Alwani Dates, as one of the leading producers of Dates from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Alwani Dates is exclusively distributed within the UK Boundaries by its Sole Importer MB Foods.

Dates are wonderful fruits, and within them there are the best of Nutrition’s: A Variety of Minerals, Vitamins etc, above all it is a perfectly Organic Fruit. Dates have a huge range of benefits, Some of which are outlined on our ‘Benefits of Dates’ Page.

Alwani Dates feel the finished product should be manufactured in such a way, that justice is done to the Fruits (Dates) within.

Mohammed Patel (MD at MB Foods) believes: “These are not dates for the sake of selling dates, but truly a BRAND of dates with very High Standards, yet sold at Affordable prices.”

The Manufacturers

Al-Alwani Dates is Part of the Alwani Group. Alwani Group came into existence in 1980 under the aegis of late Mr. Ahmed Noor Memoni, who’s efforts have been relentless to take the company to such promising heights and passed from father to sons since, Alwani Group have remained a family-owned business, building on solid foundation of pioneering and entrepreneurial vigor. Today, they are within the Middle East one of the most reputable private owned companies in the perfumes, dates and garments Sectors.

The Group’s activities include:

  • Al-Alwani Memoni Perfumes,
  • Al-Alwani Dates
  • Al-Alwani Readymade Garments.
Al-Alwani Dates as manufacturers have an Organic farming area consisting of 1.5 million SQ Meters in the province of Madinah, producing a wide range of dates. The processing, packing and packaging is done in the highest hygiene standards within the factory which is located in Al Khumra Indusial City, Jeddah.

They have a specialized creative heads, dedicatedly managing the process of developing the packaging according to international standards, and innovating new products, patterns and designs that promote the hospitality of the Arabian Heritage. They are proudly serving customers through showrooms Scattered around the whole of Saudi Arabia, Including: Hyper markets, Supermarkets, Retail Stores, Airports etc.

Quality Assurance

What goes on behind the scenes also matters, and it’s important that you know we go that extra mile to ensure the quality is consistent.

  • When Stocks for Dates come from the Farms, they are all sorted and graded, and all wastage is removed, .
  • They are all dry washed and individually cleaned.
  • Packed in a controlled environment,
  • Finished Product and all transportation is carried out in controlled temperatures (This is to maintain the quality)
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